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Location, Elevation & Slope, Inc. The home of Gain Bay winery.

2007 Chardonnay

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Gain Bay 2007 Napa Valley Chardonnay is the first white wine release from Location, Elevation & Slope, Inc.’s Gain Bay line.  The company’s mission is to locate marketplace opportunities, blend various wines from multiple sources to elevate them, and price them attractively.  This new Chardonnay is an outstanding example of seeking what is “hot” from the market, as it was found and produced at the request of my California broker. 

They asked for a specific kind of Chardonnay, one with little to no malolactic (ml) fermentation, but that was barrel fermented.  This took a diligent search over the course of much of the summer.  Ultimately, I found a small lot of wine that fit the bill, with both no ML fermentation but barrel fermented, but that also carried other unique properties. 

The wine was made with wild yeast to start with, so it carries complex and site specific properties.  The Chardonnay vineyard was in the eastern hills above the Napa Valley.

Yet the primary thing that stood this lot apart was that the barrels were topped with alternate varieties.  The producer carefully added in some left over Rhone varietals to fill the barrels as appropriate.  For every three times the barrels were topped, they filled them twice with Roussanne and once with Viognier!  This unusual combination added both aromatic lift (Viognier) and structure on the back end (Roussanne).  The wine tastes terrific and unusual. 

Also, this Chardonnay was very ripe when harvested.   

So the story of this wine is; barrel fermented no ML, wild yeast, 2% Roussanne, 1% Viognier, ripe fruit.  It is both fantastically unique, but probably short lived.  Aromas of floral bouquets and tropical fruits dominate on the nose; the wine is complex on the palate, with classic apple/pear tones as well as subtle crisp island spices too, like vanilla and possibly even allspice.  The finish is moderately lingering and seemingly lush and tart at the same time.  It’s a very unusual and delicious wine all at the same time.







Gain Bay 2007 Chardonnay

TA:  5.40 g/L   Alc.:  13.6%   pH:  3.96   VA: .49 g/L       Cases Produced:  139         Bottled September 10, 2008            



hardonnay 97%, Roussanne 2%, Viognier 1%               Suggested retail: $20.00

Location, Elevation & Slope, Inc., 126 "B" Belle View Ave., Petaluma, CA 94952 Phone 707-971-9636